Friday, November 02, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

For the second time in 8 years of entering I got a winning spot in the Banked Slalom.  Fucking stoked.  Milo's automatically in from last year.  Now just got to get Gnar in thru the Next Generation qualifiers. 

Congratulations, an entrant with this email address has won a spot in the Lottery to compete in the 2013 Legendary Banked Slalom!
Please verify that your name is on the list below before registering.

In order to claim your spot, you MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE RESERVED RACERS ENTRY FORM (including entry fee payment) by Nov. 14, 2012 at 4 p.m.  If you do not complete the entry form and payment by Nov. 14, you will forfeit your spot and it will be given away to another lucky racer. 

Here's how to complete your registration:

• Fill out the online entry form and click "Submit"

• You will be taken to PayPal checkout where you will need to submit entry fee payment in order to complete your registration.

• If your transaction goes through ok, you will get a success message

• Your name will be posted on the officially entered racers list on the Banked Slalom website IF you completed your entry and entry fee successfully.  Please allow one full business day for the email and posting.  It is YOUR responsibility to check both the list to make sure your registration is complete. If you have any problems with the registration, CALL US or contact us:!  HOT TIP:  don't wait until Nov. 14 at 3:45 p.m. to enter, because if you have a problem and then can't get a hold of us because it's after hours, you will forfeit your spot and it will be given away to another lucky racer.

2013 LBS Lottery Winners
Tucker    Andrews
Gary    Ballentine
Jacqui    Berg
Brady    Bishopp
Brett    Butcher
Noah    Byford
Aaron    Cardwell
Michael    Chilton
Miles    Clemens
Mike    Cotes
Brett    Crawford
Jesse    Crawford
Andy    Cureton
Cody    Davis
Frankie    Devlin
Dusty    Diamond
Aretta    Dillon
Ross    Dillon
Scott    Downing
Parker    Duke
Daniel    Fear
Victor    Fox
Jan    Franta
Taizo    Fukushima
Ian    Galt
Keith    Gardner
Blake    Geis
Ian    Gil
Jeff    Girard
Christopher    Goodwin
Jesse    Grandkoski
Mike    Hamilton
Mike    Hardaker
Tommy    Hartl
Monty    Hays
Jeff    Hergert
Drew    Hicken
Ian    Horton
Dustin    Johnson
Steve    Johnson
Richard    Kadar
Ernie    Kang
Todd    Kohlman
Kim    Krahulec
Trevor    Krauja
Pat    Lee
Tone    Madrid
Johan    Malkoski
Anthony    Martinez
Sean    Mayernik
Shawn    Mcguire
Andrew    mckenzie
Myles    McNeany
Rory    Mehen
Todd    Mitchell
Erin    Olmstead
Kasha    Palmer
Peter    Pauling
Chris    Perry
Jeremy    Petrocelli
Bill    Preston
Jeff    Price
Benjamin    Quarles
Eric    Rovin
Zane    Rupp
Dan    Saint
Jack    Scanlan
Fred    Schoenstein
Ed    Sewall
Jacqui    Shaffer
Neal    Sikkes
Myles    Silverman
Nate    Simpson
Jesse    Smith
Randy    Smith
Silas    Stannard
Luke    Strong-Cvetich
Kris    Swierz
Jens    Thomson
Chris    Travis
Zach    Venzon
Ami    Voutilainen
Tate    Wilder
Brandy    Willette

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in the start shack in February!

- Amy Trowbridge and the LBS Crew
Mt. Baker Ski Area

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