Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Been on the road the last month or so. Shot some they are. 

Kind Bro's office is his truck.
Dude didn't get the memo that Orange County Choppers tv show got cancelled.
Baby Cale and Kind Bro sushi style
Pell-ah-knee-grow said he had a bed we could crash on.  This was it.
Opened his closet door and found his PINK undies.  Ben....
The Barks likes to lurk. 
Down Town Bro Down...look at the bum just snoozing during the contest. 
Tah Hoe....KT chair in the background
Momma Sabs, Sabs and Daron Rahlves
Sabs $30G dune buggy.  Smart investment eh?
Rocket Reeves
Shafuck NEVER does this shit.  NCP does.
NCP tried running a parking garage.  Got the gate.  Literally.
Rado luggage.  All you need. 
First chair of the season.  Oct 18.  60 year old dude at the end letting us know that he caught a 12" rainbow in the morning, smoked a bowl and now he's skiing.  "Gonna go for a fucking bike ride later too!"  Woa bro.
Rob Bak getting savage in the park.
Mike D, inventor of snowboarding.  Respect.
Snowboard Museum in Vail.  I wanted this board so bad.  Fizz is the shiz.

Birdseye in Brooklynn
Dead guy Heath Ledger restaurant
Pee Aye
Best Philly Cheese Steak in Philly

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  1. no photos or mention of your "im afraid im gonna miss my flight, can you please take me to the airport 4 hours early" stunt you pulled huh? thats the whole reason we got the gate slammed on the hood. "dude, we have no time to drink free beer, get me to the airport"