Monday, October 01, 2012

Dude stew

Did a quick SkyTucky visit on Saturday.  All that wood I stole from Sweatys lot a couple months ago is nice and dry, still there and busting at the seams.  Bring on the winter.

The Mayor of Skykomish (Billy) came over and helped me fix the man stew tub.  Had to flip that bitch over, dig out some foam to find the leak.  Scrubbed that bitch clean too.  Ready to be filled and soiled now. 

The Whipper is re-built too. Looking to open in December. Can't wait.


  1. are they doing an "as close to original" or "new and imporved" layout for the whip?

    stoked either way.

  2. Looks like an original from the outside.