Monday, September 17, 2012

The Klocker Wedding

The Mid Wests finest, Emmett and Nikki Klocker got married this weekend in Minny No Place. Gums and I made the trek and this is what went down.  Rolled into the W on Friday morning, got greeted with a  "Welcome to the W Minneapolis. We have a king size bed for you and your friend Mr. Gundram."  Yea ok, thats gonna work out real good.  Down to the bar for a pre cocktail cocktail and Maria here was rolling some blunts. 
Gums got in on that shit right away, then we realized that this wasn't part of the Klocker party wedding.  So off we went with our two free cigars.  Thanks Maria.
Pre wedding sitters
Grooms meal.  Spectacular of course.
Hendricks and tonic with a cucumber?  Course.
Beef, aged 40 days.  Of course.
TTC.  Trainwreck Tom Crowe.  Worst Man.
Charlie and Hope Klocker top 10'n Emmett.  It was a good roast.
Bald E-gal Mike Theinas

Charlies stash is on another level.  Period.
Korn lives down the block, so after 8 gin and tonics he picked me up to hang out and have a sleep over.

We went to the fair the next day
And I got talked into going on the Tilt a Hurl
Which led to this
Korn family
Getting hitched
Dressed mess

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  1. Can't believe you ate all that breakfast and that's all you got up.