Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Party Marty

Let me start out by saying, I owe it all to good ole Party Marty. He's the guy that got me into this biz, lied to people that I was qualified, and that I was competent. Of course he did this back when he couldn't remember his own name because he was so sauced up. "Johan, on this trip there are line rules. Any time we cross a state, county or breakdown line, we do a line!" Fucker. Anyway...found this gem yesterday while looking at PALMERS website. It's good ole Party Marty doing what he does best. Talking shit. And if you think this is dreamy, I got to find one on him talking about Power Plates. 
Love you bro.  Seriously.


  1. hello. great stuff. thanks.

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Marty McFly, rely U gonna make me fly? Shiza party4 sure. IFMUG.
    Dude a legend.