Monday, July 16, 2012

Work Weekend

Weekend from here on out are pretty much spoken for until the kids go back to school.  So...when you got a free one, what do you do?  Work. 

Off to the cabin to cut wood (the only heat it has) was on the top of the to do list for me.  That and trying to do some hot laps on Stevens new bike park.  Work got in the way of that though.  On the way up, we stopped in Methville, also known as Sultan.  They had a fair and car show going, as well as craft booths and what not.  At first, I was pretty stoked cause I saw all of this shit in a town of a couple hundred residents....

This flat head was real clean.
Stud-ibaker turbo set up was tits.

92 Buick Grand National turbo V-6.  Was a Corvette killer in its day.

3 shifters?
1968 Dodge Charger RT, 440 6-Pack.  Hmmm, pants dropper.

Peep the vintage Playboy.
Wood splitter and Silver Bullet BEFORE I jack knifed the thing into my bumper.  So stoked.

Free cord and a half of wood.  Sort of.  6 hours of work, $130 to rent the splitter and chainsaw, $40 in gas, then whatever it's gonna cost to fix the bumper.  Yea, once again that $250 a cord delivered shit that I get in the winter seems like a good deal. 
Polish rocket ship.
Dude got hauling on it too.
Happy Fathers Day/Birthday/Christmas Bob Malkoski.  I found you something you'll dig.  Chicken foot back scratcher. 
Charles Barkley cameo Monday morning lap shot.


  1. sometimes you gotta just split ~bye bye

    rocket ship is classic as sultan rods

  2. rocketsled just made my day! sick!!!!