Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend at Bernies

You know that rich friend of yours that jokes "hey yea, we're out of town for a bit, you wanna use our place, go ahead." But you never dare to take em up on it, cause what the fuck do you know about being in a rich persons house? Seriously.
Well a couple weeks ago a buddy said that and I just blurted out, "sure, we'll use it." Dude didn't flinch either, said "cool, here's the code to get in the house, here's how to use the stereo, tv, coffee maker, sleep in our room and use my boat if you want." Uh ok.
We rolled into the place on Friday night, Summer Hummer in tow, and the first thing out of the wife's mouth was "Aren't you sad? Aren't you sad to know we'll never own something this nice?" Yea there was truth there, but fuck it, was just stoked to do the lake life for 3 days.

Summer Hummer docked in all it's glory at Flowing Lake.
Gnar getting ready to get his squirrel boarding on.
Dude was kinda savage at it too.
Casa De I Cant Afford
Fuck London, long jump happened at the lake.
Toobin is pretty damn fun, specially when you get whipped into every buoy on the lake at 40mph.
Thanks JBH and fam.  Awesome weekend.  Gotta roll and get that welfare cheese.

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  1. I always say yes. Someone has to say yes, or else nobody will know how rich these dudes are. It's helping them out!

    Toobin is fucking GNARLY. Always and forever.