Friday, July 13, 2012


We met Jo-Gnar like 5 years ago when he was like 10 on our first Baldface trip that Pelli-Negro organized.  I remember being pissed off as all hell that there was a 10year old on our 4 day dudes cat trip cause then I couldn't be a fouled mouth old man every cat ride.  But Dad told us all, "act like you normally do, pretend he's not here."  And we did, and he just rode his ass off every run, and kept his mouth shut every ride.  The kid ended up winning MVP of the day, 2 out of the 4 days too.  Fast forward a few years, and the kid has hooked up with us at Hood in the summer, skipped school in the winter when we were out there, and continued to stay close.  He's a good friend, his familys rad, and this photo of him with Slayer in Denver popped up on FaceDildo this morning is insane.  Kid was shooting photo's at Hood this week with the Levitation Project, then jet setted out to Denver to do a photo shoot with these guys. 
Stoked on you Jonas Harris!

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