Monday, July 30, 2012


CAMPiTA 2012! Blue made a plan a while back for an all inclusive AM / Pro get together down at Hood during Scott Stevens signature session at HCSC. He wanted to re-create the vibe that the dudes had the previous year filming the Defenders Of Awesome movie. Dudes camping, hanging around the camp fire, singing, telling stories and making shred on the hill.  CAMPiTA consisted of AM's, Pro's, regional riders, magazine dudes, reps, company bros, shop friends and photogs all in rare camp vibes form.
 Jess Camaro
MN represent - Brisse, Killer and the Youth Shelter.
Giggles and Brisse doing a little apres shred parking lot burgers and dogs.
Camp ruler Gigi and Sleepy.
Wilmoth and Sweaty

Team signing at HCSC.  Brisse, Kimora, Cale, Cocard, hadar, Craven, Rav and Stevens.
Gigi drinks Session.  Lots. 
Sweatys camp welcome spread for the dudes. 
Baby Cale
Crusty Dusty
Parking lot apres.  Best I've ever been too.
 Start of the push up war.  Crocs an all.
Hor Hey & Basher
Kind Bro and Call-In
Brisse pumping out a solid 75 for $50.  The EYE watches closely in the background.
 Hug it out

Gigi and Flo
GoHard can play a camp fire tune as well as he throws an axe as well as he makes his snowboard party!
 Rad Brad the vegetarian with a dog?  Pile Kyle in the background.  Fucker took me to the ground on the hill.  Made me almost cry. 
 Mama Hades

Chris Cloud
Kyle Fisher, Fireball and the Kind Bro.

Skyler saying something amazing.
Party Joel about to let out a rebel yell.

Shit sucks, no idea what all the hype is about.  SUCKS.
Brecky coffee
Lift bro's
A passed out Mr. Ruf.
 Party Ruf, Gigi's alter ego came out at night and butt slid Blues european sports car.  Not stoked.  Blue is, that is.  Nor will Gigi be when he gets Party Rufs bill for it.
 Mini pipe rulers, Ruf and Sleepy.
 Air to fake eye
In camp trip ever.  Get on it next year, cause your invited.  Wanna see more?  Peep it here.


  1. FKNA - I thought I overheard your name over the PA system in the high cascade park over the weekend. Thanks for keeping us public shredders entertained on the chair watching all the bangers y'all were throwing down.

    I hope Timmy Lake treated y'all well - we camped much closer at ye ol' airstrip and had a rad time showing the locals the cheater method for fire starting (i.e. white gas + hot BBQ charcoals) and trumping them in consecutive nights of wisest wizard.

  2. Camping rulz! Good shit.

  3. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Where did everyone shit?


  4. HomeDildo gallon bucket wrapped in a trash bag. A throne in the woods is pretty epic.