Thursday, June 07, 2012

CreAtive 4 COAL

Creative For COAL: Tyler Johnson from Tyler Johnson on Vimeo.



  1. dude obvoilsy rips, but i've never understood why these guys dont ride BMX if they want to do tricks?????

  2. I think it's like snowskaters. being the best at shit that other people dont care about. he rule on a bmx.

  3. PoB: they're on their way. That dude's already ditched the road wheels for 26" mtb wheels. Soon he'll go to 24s. After a few months on 24s he'll pioneer "directional fixed gear," which will just be a bmx freewheel (but with a feather hanging off it or it'll match someone's 8bit mustache tattoo or whatever). Boom. But: BMX bikes go fast and the brakes suck, and you can get broke the fuck off too easily to want to really get into it lol

    I do want to say something about "I was hoping I was watching 'Rubber 2,' and that tire was going to murder him," but really Nose is right. It's that Narcissism of Small Differences thing again. Dudes are out having fun on a different kind of worthless toy than I am, so they're idiots? We're all idiots. And we have a lot more in common with each other than some chump rotting on a couch.

    I think this dude lives on my block, by the way. I might just be playing the fake nice role to avoid a dust-up in the barista line.

    Fuck the bikes, I have way more questions about tattoos and those earrings. THAT shit is fucking nuts!

    *returns to bike stand to tighten MTB fender*


  4. "I might just be playing the fake nice role to avoid a dust-up in the barista line."