Monday, June 25, 2012


Element Skate contest over at Bellevue was Saturday.  Rain came and moved the shit indoors.  Turned a street contest into tranny. 

 Frank, Milo and Finn.  Finns a 10 year old tranny murderer.  Can't kickflip, but can handplant the fuck out of a vert wall.  
13 and under line up.
Drug free and he got this high.
When the 14 and overs were up, what do Finn and Milo do?  Pick out a 4 foot section of the mini that people aren't sitting on and watching the event from and run their own contest.
Inspired from the East Side, we stopped at Greenlake for some real tranny.

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    Last week I dropped in and pumped around for twelve seconds until I ran out of speed. It was super fun.