Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still Skiing

Family and I went to Chelan this weekend. On the way, we stopped by the cabin to clean some shit out of the fridge, cut the lawn and grab some shit. Spent the night there on Friday and Saturday morning, around 8:30am, ole Mr. Burch was at my doorstep and we were loading the splitboards. 
By 9:30am we had our shit on and started the trek.
Past Hogs and up 7th Heaven meadow field towards...7th.
Hour and forty later and we were at the top.

Still a fuckload of snow.  No reason not to be STILL open.
Had 22oz of Von Marbods buddys hard cider waiting for us upon our return.
Good shit.  Gonna get more of this.  I'm by no means a hiker, but this shit was kinda fun.  Thanks Burch.  You laid a good track. 


  1. same shit here, been hiking alta... what a waste of natural resources not to have something open.