Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Little Fucker

Me in Europe for 10 days, missing Rhythm & Bruise at White Pass, Nacho Slopestyle at Stevens and Super Park in Bachelor.  Hmmm, all this good food is titties and all, but that's a heavy trade off.

Anyway, Mr. Logic step Dads in for me and grabs Milo last Saturday and rolls down to White Pass with Frank, Milo and himself.  Two days worth of the BMX style event that was in it's second year.  Last year we went down and it was one of the funnest contests ever, plus we Warbled that shit together (both won our classes) so it made it extra special.  Milo was defending Grom champ, and that contest had his name on it.  The only things I know that happened there is this shit info I got from the internet, texts and a 2 min phone conversation from Milo before he left for camp on Monday morning, which was this...

"Frank 3, milo 1, same kid as last year got second. Nate won cruiser-or at least placed, he's an old customer that flay-fishes a lot.  We took second and third pro, with team riders John shaw and Austin Sweetin. Forest bailey took first. We had 7 guys in it. I did not enter. 30 bucks is 30 bucks and I wasn't feeling super hot. I still had fun, got to connect with the right people and share some quality time.  Boys are funny and obnoxious at the same time. The texting is out of control.  I finally had to shut it down until dark. "let's look out the window while it's daylight, you can look at screens when it's dark".
"I'll send you the more complete info blast but real quick;
Milo Crushed
Forest Bailey is a bad motherfucker
We had 123 entrants
Weather perfect
Course all-time
Pos won the hOme watch
Super stoked to have the support from C3"
Transworld Snowboarding Online :  "Milo Malkoski won the groms category. It looks like he works hard on that solid NW style. It also looks like he could be riding in the “expert” class."
Frequency Mag Online:  "Little Milo Malkoski holding it down!"
Yea, Milo was on fire. Frankie too. Sick duo
Missed you at this one, if went off.
Biz is biz I know, and it still sucks sometimes.
Next year Johan -

Yea...I'm proud of him.  And Frank.  And John.  Thanks.

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