Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Italy for dummies

Euroland for the summer visit came early this year, April / May style vs. the hot as fuck July style. Way nicer, greener, pleasant temps and what not.  Enjoy...

Seattle, Venice, Montebelluna, Asolo, Trevisio, Bergamo, Bellagio, Colico, Milan, Seattle. Travel map details.
Aslo wine bar.  Trip to the past.

Dinner at ex NW bros place Stephan.  Si si si si.  His ole lady and kids.
Cooked meats
Raw meat
Gnocci and 4 cheeses, making a 2 magazine toilet visit.
Ole bro's, good times

We Americanly drove into a marathon and became the pace car.  We were waving, while the Italians were flipping us off.

Ole dude in background smoking at a restaurant shot.
Big old wall castle thing
View from the top of the wall in Aslo.

Best dinner ever...this trip.

The Black Cock Bar
Lino's pizza, best pizza in the WORLD.  Too bad it was closed when we went.


Fish plate
View from meeting room

Ass blaster 2,000
Group shot
How to communicate with home.

Milan hat style

Me in stone
500 year old dead Pope
Mellow hando?
Dudes still in there rotting away.  Sick.
Prada window display

Our own window display

Full Eyetalian conversion
"Don't break my balls."
And yes, we DID see a U.F.O. UN-Identified Flying Object, not a space ship. 
Homeward bound tomorrow.

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