Monday, May 21, 2012

I hate Crystal

Seriously, I do. Mac and I went this weekend. 2 and a half parking lots FULL of cars. Plus a whole aisle of campers with dudes hanging. The average age there is at least 50. The people are fucking miserable. Rich, uptight, skiers that just run their mouths any chance they can. You can feel the at-tit-dude from these people.  The terrain park had TWO rails set up. With 50 or so scattered all over the place on the ground, not set up. On top of that, they had a airbag, on the ground, rolled out, with a generator on the side,  not going. All those people, open two days, and that's what they have to offer? Not that 4 lifts plus the gondola weren't enough. But I don't get it, how they offer crap for a terrain park, are farther away from Seattle, charge for $99 for extended pass, have that gay ass attitude and pull the crowd that they do? I bought my tickets off Groupon, for $26 a day, and Mac was $5. I spent $40 or something while there. It was totally worth it, we had a blast, and we're going back. I feel like that girlfriend on GIRLS that gets treated like a dog, but keeps coming back. Fuck you Crystal.

Riley from warranty wasn't fucking around this weekend with that Crystal shit.  Snoqualimie baby!


  1. yeah.

    We rolled there on that SuperDuperTuesday this year. Probably best conditions I've seen anywhere in a long long time, and it was still kinda meh.
    Such a lame vibe.
    Since forever.
    But it's worth repeating.
    So wack.

  2. Serious Love-Hate in this one. I "Like" this post.

    The stoke on Mac's face is priceless... you gotta go back.

    Show "Those" gay ass miserable old people how much fun you can have... regardless of At-tit-dude... exemplify DOA, eh!

    You know. Kill 'em with kindness... slash when necessary.


  3. place suuuuuucks. only spot in WA with reseerved (read VIP) parking up front for brad and his new escalade.

  4. So much wrong, but in the end being open is whats right. Yea fuck em, but bottom line, they got the balls to be open, are open and it's still snowboarding. Which is fun as hell. Bravo Crystal you fuckers.

  5. silverback8:15 AM

    Kind of sounds like another resort in Colorado begins with V and you can fill in the rest. Thats why youth just has to barge it and take it over. In ten years those 50 year olds will be dead and then what do you have? DICK