Monday, April 09, 2012

Mini Meating

Well, seeing how we were planning a meeting for the summer with all dudes involve, we grabbed a couple of the reps, brought in Joni and the boys and I did 3 days of go arounds on 2013/14 product needs.  Alex Auchu out of Quebec won the name in a hat vote for a Canadian, Klocker and Graves came as senior Reps and Sweaty was to be our local voice, but a sudden gravitational pull from the wife to Mexico for spring break left us high and dry.  Last minute Wilmoth made it up from Sac Town to be our fourth voice.  
I won't bore you with the product details, but will share some of the food plates that went down.  See we don't bring Emmett in for his opinion on shit, as he never gives one, cause he's too busy checking out what's going down in the NHL or what photo some person he never met on Instagram just posted.  But his cooking...Next Fucking Level.  So get ready to have your mouth start watering.

PreCabin at Gums on Tuesday.
Cabin steaks.  $50 a piece.  Em carried em from the Mid Worst.  Most reps travel with their computers, Emmett travels with beef.
Brads a hippie grass eater, but that meat is temptin his ass.
Billy caught silvers.
Grill master.

Dog food, if I didn't throw it out.

3AM high powered discussions going down. 

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