Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mini Clip overload

Holy shit I love the internet.  All the mini edits of shit that just went down is fucking all time.  Welcome to real time world snow shredding....

"You me, the FASHION!"  Yea I know...but take .36 seconds out of your life to watch this stupid broad try and be serious.  Cause it will only elevate the next one.

 Crusty Dusty...dudes got a stand up routine coming.  VOTE for Dustin to be the Face of the Festival!

Whats better than a cup of shut the fuck up to start the day off?  Sleepy and friends.

Burnsy is the real deal.  PERIOD.  This is a real, raw, dedicated shred.

This got a triple viewing out of me yesterday.  Blunt to tip grab out of Rav got me tingling all over.

Dude, Dash Kamp fucking oozes steeze.  Front 1, (1:31) revert on the knuckle?  Shit....


  1. That girl lost my vote 3 seconds in. Craven secured my vote after I saw the college wash on that cookie sheet.

    And what's with the TWSSF being a WORLD SNOWBOARD CHAMPIONSHIT 5-star event this year?

  2. Great clips. From the other end of the interwebs are these great old clips that the-house dug up. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL069F40C8A659ABC3 Enjoy some neon in the dude tube.

  3. I also want to meet hardcore athletes, FASHION, oooh oooh ahh ahh ooh ooh ahh ahh, peace....Jesus, really?....its those moments when I wish I had the ninja button on my keyboard so a ninja would fly out the side of my screen and knock the shit out of stupid people like that broad. I swear, if she beats out Dustin as host of the festival, I ain't attending.

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Wood ya?

  5. that chick is perfect for the telus festival though


  6. Awoman8:46 AM

    Cant we all just get along... That is amazing constructive criticism!

    Your flying ninja idea is pretty funny except wouldn't it be better if it was a flying penis, your buddy Dustin video is so good wow he really can do it all and he is so charismatic in front of the camera... lol

    Thanks for the extra views by the way ;-)

  7. So sick, where your number one referal Lauren. Lets get this party started. Uh dis uh dis uh dis.

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Stunt women? How about them stunt cans on her?

  9. I'm saying: absolutely perfect for the Telus festival.