Sunday, March 18, 2012

Major Winners

Heavy shit went down yesterday at Minor Threat 3, all the way from the 8 and unders, up to the 13/14 year olds.  35 kids came out for the event.  Some first timers, others Minor Vets.  We had 4 classes, and ran a hour long jam session where the kids were judged in their age class then seated in a head to head, winner advances bracket final. 
WA pride was the theme of Minor 3, and with support from SnoCon, Casual, POW, CAPiTA, Union and COAL it was evident that northwest companies care about northwest snowboardings next generation.
8 and under, the WeGnar put down the run of his life with stalefishes, front boards, back boards and bs 3's.  Dude could of placed in the 9/10's.
The 9/10 year olds got a big wake up call when Izzy showed up and started to put on a clinic to the dudes, which only made Kaola step his game up and take that one back for the boys.
11/12 proved to be an epic battle between Milo and Matteau, but in the end, Dad running the contest gave Milo the needed push to take the victory as well as his cab 5's and one footed trickery.
And in 13/14 it came down to a show down between Austin and DJ, where 5's and the attempted 7 were common place.   But there could only be one winner and Austin narrowly edged DJ out.
A new element was thrown in this year to Minor Threat, the Best NW Method.  A quick history lesson of the NW method was given to the kids with 3 out of the 35 knowing who Jamie Lynn, Dave Lee, Todd Schlosser and Joey Maguier are and how they put the NW and our style of methods on the map.  DJ Elliot kept tradition alive and won the best NW method award with a perfectly executed between the binding grab, tail end jacked, nose down, and back hand in the proper position.  
8 hours after we got to the hill to get this shit show on the snow, we were done.  And Logics and my best trick of the day was guzzling 3 Session each. 
Thanks to Stevens Pass, SnoCon, CAPiTA, Union, COAL, POW Gloves, Casual Industrees, 32, VZ Sweaty and Matt Savage for the prizes.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    crazy to think what these little rippers are gonna be doing when they gain some weight.

    kids were def not doing that shit at that age 10 years ago.

  2. if gaining weight is the key, I'm gonna be SICK!

  3. Again a Next Level competition. The trophies were out of this world. Thanks Matt. Nice work Jo and congrats to the Terror Squad winners.