Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Say it isn't so???!

Dear Beautiful Bitches,
Thank you so much for your years of support and love! We've spent the last 7 years bringing style, design and functionality to women's snowboard equipment and have loved every minute of it! When I first decided to create a snowboard company, many people thought I was crazy and believed that style and snowboarding did not go hand in hand!
However, the public disagreed with this notion and so did the industry when we won the ISPO BrandNew Award for Style in Hardgoods in Munich Germany. Shortly thereafter, we expanded our product line to include bindings, apparel, goggles and helmets and have outfitted thousands of women with gear made specifically for their bodies!
After accomplishing my goal of revolutionizing the industry, our long journey has come to an end. I feel extremely fulfilled knowing that BitchBoards has been a major reason why many snowboard companies have re-designed their products towards women. I feel very content knowing that women will continue to be properly catered to and that the market for women snowboarders is growing exponentially every year! Keep it up ladies! And don't take no for an answer!
So now I feel I can finally move on to new ventures that my soul calls me towards. I urge each and every one of you to continue to fully embrace your true beautiful selves, to never let anyone define your reality and to always be a Betty-In-Total-Control of- Herself! Love and light to all of you!!
Bitches Forever! xoxo,
Alex Masterson

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  1. A toxic toadstool growing in a garden of it's own bullshit. Graduating into the self promoting world of non-profit.

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Thank God...."revolutionizing the Industry" is whack

  3. Bitches Forever! I need a sign off like that..

  4. silverbackgorilla5:22 PM

    First Whitney Houston and now Bitch boards. How do we continue through life?

  5. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Did you see that Angry Queer stole your post? What a fag.

  6. oh no! sad day for women's snowboarding equipment