Monday, February 06, 2012

27th Annual Mt. Baker Banked Slalom lineup

This years weapon for the Banked Slalom? Normal Ass Snowboards. Blue even had a special 135 N.A.S. built for Milo.  They've been in the back shop for the last month and have over 17 base coats of wax in em. We took both rides out this weekend on training runs and now there ready for the fast slippery shit to be applied.

Team C3/Full Sail in full force ready to claim some duct tapes in multiple categorys! We've got over 11 of them already from this lineup.  Not bad for a bunch of hacks.

See you there.  Stay low, powerful & sober.  Baker pigs are brutal.

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  1. I ain't saying shit!

    oh wait I mean hellza rigged wtf