Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day three SIA

Mr. X Games repeat Gold Medal Real Snow winners brand new pro model for next year. CAPiTA's first ever co-lab as well as Volcoms first with a company that they don't own.
Swivel board and a double ended pump up the core board to change the flex.  Looks like two solid ideas for 12/13.
As are spring loaded binding straps.
Jess Camaro with her sweep of the TWS Riders Poll Awards. 
Humble would be the one word to describe this woman.
Piss bottle
Klocker is zorched.
Supersuckers, Zeek and the Rev show.
Comp tickets from Eddie Spagetti, in the door, to the front row and and found this little gem under the stairs.  BOOYA.
"Cause I got to get PAID!"

"It's time to fly the finger, yea that little middle finger and drive it home!"
Sac Town Jay jumped in. 

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  1. Steel cable straps on spring-loaded bindings look like a logging implement or a beartrap. No way I'm putting my dainty feet in them shits.