Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mike D sent me a hate mail the other day after posting the Cowboy footy.  "What, you pussy, you didn't jump that rock?  Fag."  Then you got USA Today spreading hate that there's no snow out there across the country.  Look no further folks, cause the Pacific Northwest is FIRING.  Today was a "reported" 6" of new.  But obviously it was a little better in some spots.  Tomorrow is another 10+. 
So...Fuck you Mike D, and Fuck you too USA TO-GAY!


  1. i was with mike d once on an o-sin trip when be blasted off that thing pretty much first run to flat and sucked it up! i was like fuck that!

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    sure wish I was riding there on monday.

  3. what's up with the H8? thought that was MG'z gig...

  4. Mike D invented snowboarding. Sherman Poppin, Jake and Tom all came after him. He blasted the quarter pipe in Riksgratten a day before Ingmar and went 30 feet in the air, but no camera's were around. He is known around the world as the LEGEND.

  5. MIKE D2:44 PM

    whos hatin now guy?

  6. battle vid still doesn't have the rock jump...izallimsayn.

    I jumped off a rock at baker on friday. Board hit the deep snow first and I did the "let's just sit down now--no need to actually try and land it."