Friday, March 11, 2011

Row Mate

When I was flying from B-Town to Minny last week I was editing the "February Break" video of the kids. There was this Army meat head sitting next to me talking at me about it too. Guy was 50ish, Special Forces type shit and dropping copious amounts of F-Bombs in every sentence. I became especially fond of him when this 20 something hussy walked by and he goes "I'd like to get on that for a bit, but you know, I'm just not that into young chicks." Anyway...dude looks over to the next row and there's a chick editing with Final Cut a snowboard movie. Meat says to me "looks like that chicks got better talent in her movie." I think this was the movie she was editing.

Fuck you Meat.


  1. I just stood up out of my chair with my arms straight up in the air dude that is the SINGLE GREATEST SNOWBOARD CLIP OF ALL TIMES!!!!!

  2. I freaking love the "aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, arrrrrgggghhhh, aaaaaahahahahahha, arrrrrrrrrrgggggg" part. Not really, but yea in a nice kind of way.

  3. silverback gorilla8:45 PM

    Now thats taking one up the shitpipe. Hey sweetheart not everyone can be Dan Brisse!!

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    i laughed my fucking ass off last week when i saw this-broken ribs and all. the pain was worth the cracked vagina.