Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mike Ranquet said it best at the TWS Riders Poll this year...

"Skiing is fucking gay, seriously." And shit like this letter below are part of the reason.

This "GEM" is from the Vail Daily from a gentleman named OTTO WIEST:

It has become quite common to get hit by a snowboarder. When I talk to my friends, they all know stories about it. Snowboarders seem to have some strange ideas about using a ski mountain. Lately, I was reading in the Vail daily the story of a skier who recovered from a horrible crash with a snowboarder after long time.
Vail has a lot of easy intermediate slopes, which are ideal for fThey are also ideal for practicing high-speed boarding. The other day, I saw a boarder with a T-shirt what said: “Why turn when you can go straight?” It says precisely what a lot of boarders seem to think.
Is Vail becoming a race track for snowboarders or will it be a place for family skiing? Sorry friends, both things on the same slopes are not possible.
When I learned skiing, I was told that a good skier can turn in any snow on any hill. Even ski racers who are able to go straight are practicing precise turns and those who make the best turns win the championships.
The main job of any ski school is to teach their students how to turn, as every beginner can go straight. How much control does a boarder have with a speed of over 50 mph? Will he be able to stop with in a distance of 20 feet?
I was on Slot at Sun Up Bowl, near chair 17. There were about five people on the whole hill. A boarder came from behind, hit my boot, broke a buckle and had a great spill. After that he complained that I was in his way. It doesn't need much intelligence to figure this out because otherwise he wouldn't have run into me.
I watch snowboarders because I don't trust them at all. I see them often in a semi-controlled situation, not entirely in control. The Skier's Safety Code is not enough for them and I would like to update those rules:
Rule 1. Even if a lot of boarders seem to have a stiff neck, it would be necessary that they turn their head and take a good look before they go into a blind backside turn. This reminds me, of a car driver who has half of his windows covered and changes lanes.
Rule 2. If you are a beginner and unable to turn well enough, please stay at the beginner hill until you know what you are doing. Or even better, take a lesson with Vail Ski School. To run into people and to explain, sorry, I didn't mean it, is not acceptable.
Rule 3. When you are on catwalks, please avoid the dangerous up and down jumping at both sides of the trail as you are not alone and other people simply don't enjoy getting run over. There are enough half-pipes at Vail Mountain, especially for boarders.
Rule 4. If you go straight down Forever or Genghis, you may call yourself a hero. But if you go straight down busy and easy slopes like Golden Peak, Northwood's or Born Free, you are an idiot.
Rule 5. Whenever you jump it might be helpful if you could see where you will be landing. The signs “No Jumping” are not only for skiers.
Rule 6. Even if some boarders may feel like they are ready to go to the next X Games, keep at least five feet between you and any other person on the slopes. In case you want to show your great abilities, please use only your friends as slalom gates.
VR is trying hard to make Vail a safe place. Signs, people to watch, even whistles are tried out. But will all of this help? I doubt it. If you are used to skiing at speed of 50 mph or more, then 30 is too slow.
Fun parks are now all over the mountain. Why not areas for families?
To blame each other is no way forward. The necessary safety that we all had years ago is no longer part of skiing.
To reduce crazy behavior is possible and necessary.
Otto Wiest

Srsly Otto, it's all the same. You got stupid ass skiers and stupid ass snowboarders all running into people left and right. Get over it. They don't know any better. Nor do you. Right Mike D?


  1. My three-year-old nephew (also an Otto) could craft a clearer statement. What is this crotchety fuck's point?
    At least the jealous old people 20 years ago at Vail were saying that the snowboarding kids had guns--gimme something worth reading, Otto!

  2. Somebody at Vail find Otto and hose him at 29mph, from 6 feet away and not on a cattwalk.

    I will donate $10 to the cause. This is a MF-ing bounty!

  3. Mike D4:56 PM

    Yes absolutely!!!!
    They wonder why we hate them.. Oh I could go on.