Monday, March 07, 2011


My foot is killing me. Somethings up with my toes getting all fuck-eyed on each other over the last kids break. Don't know if it was being in new boots everyday or I'm just a pussy, but it hurts to walk. On top of that, my beacon went into my ribs a week ago when I hit a tree and it still feels like someone went across my body with a two by four. And if that wasn't enough, I was trying to show Milo a "run" to do at the upcoming Minor Threat contest at Stevens and landed all straight leg and my knee got jammed up. All this pain is on my left side too. Anyway, pain or no pain, I was still carrying the YOPro and the Elph this weekend and managed to get some good hip footy.


  1. Big kid's getting adult style, jumping around with superboosters. Growth spurt methodology. Sallbout El Wienero now!

  2. damn, that jap crail was stank.