Sunday, March 13, 2011

GreenHorn Games 2011

"All right kids, here's the format. You got 3 hours to terrorize the course. Half way thru, we're gonna serve you lunch and your parents got to go out and ride the features so your entertained."
3 boys classes, 9 and under, 10/11 and 12/13 plus a all girls class with about 60+ kids going at it was the 4th annual Summit At Snoqualmie's GreenHorn Games. Year 4 and it's a whole different ball game than year one, as far as talent, progression and stoke. Granted I'm fully Soccer Dadding it on the sideline, laughing my ass off for 3 hours so my opinion is a tad skewed but still, I think that yesterdays throw down was just that. A throw down where the kids were getting busy upping their shred-eye skills by trying to one up each other for three hours. To have that many kids concentrated in one area pumping each other up was amazing.
Once again Krush, thanks for a great day.

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