Friday, February 18, 2011

WHO the f*ck leaves at NOON?

Got the opportunity to be in You Tar this week. Hit the Snowbasin demo for two days. Then a bonus day with the boys at Pow Mow on Friday. 2 out of the 3 days proved to be pretty incredi. Day 1 of the demo sucked balls. Huge winds, lifts shut down, weird ass snow, and people jonesen to shred made it a pretty difficult day on top of leaving the house at 4:30am to catch the 6am flight to SLC. Day two though, man...6+" fell and it may not seem like a lot, but the wind blew it in the right spots, and the snow was just awesome. Top it off with a tour guide that knew every nook and cranny on the place and it was a full day of getting some. Day 3...rolled 11 deep over to Pow Mow for a duplicate day of day 2 cept no business to be had, just the business of getting busy.
Demo tent steeze
Dude Tour super duper pipe, that's Tony and Matty P walking up the mat to slide down on.
Pow Mow with Bennice, Benny and oversized goggle and undersized helmet guy.
" this GoPro on?" Got a 1,000 of these shots in the works.
Butterfly'd hotdog. Mmmmm.

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