Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skull Mountain

The past two days had been firing at Stevens, but the office had my number. So we rolled up here last night to find a foot and a half of snow on the ground in Sky. Got the kids in bed, fire built, coffee ready for the morning, set the alarm and then walked outside with my new Christmas shovel and started working on the back yard shred zone, Skull Mountain. After 45 min of shoveling snow on both sizes of the massive stump we use as our table top, it was bed time for me.
Up at 6:30am, coffee, fire and making pancakes. On the chair at 8:45am, and rode Utah style dry ass pow till 1 and came home. Then the shredding really started. Grabbed local plow dude and he built us a quick drop in zone. Fixed the rail yard, added a couple pump bumps and then built a little quarter at the end. By the end of the session at 7, Milo was going for McTwists off this shit. "Dad, do we have to go to the mountain tomorrow? Can't we just get up and ride Skull Mountain instead?'


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  1. Skull mountain got the same question from my kid...Can we got to Milo and Mac's cabin instead of the hill? Next Level.