Friday, February 04, 2011

SIA Demo Foe Toes

The workspace. Between 12 of us it took 34 minutes to set this workshop up. No ONE could step to us. Specially with the official "Union Demo Team" orange capes we all wore.
Kimura and Dyke Boy (yes, that's her name) stayed with us. Stardumb did NOT get to her either. She was up at 6AM every morning wanting to brave the cold weather to help us set up.
Not much to do after you get set up, cept fuck with your friends. 32 demo trailer.
Off in the distance at the top of the pipe you can kind of see a 42 year old man MURDERING backside airs in this icy ass pipe. Mike D's bs airs are dreamy ladies. Bring an extra set of pantys if you every go to the pipe and watch him turn that base up. Srsly.
Kujo, I mean Sookie is part Malimute and part wolf. The dog is a mellow cruiser. Kind of like he's eating pot doggie food all the time. Matty G????

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