Monday, February 14, 2011

Baker Banked Re-Cap

Holy shit I'm shnitzled. This was a long ass week. In VT Monday thru Wednesday, then a 3 hour drive from Strap On to Boston to catch a 5 hour and 55 min flight to Seattle. Arrived home at midnight thirty to find two kids, a dog and my ole lady sleeping in MY bed so off I went to fit my 6'3" body in the bottom bunk bed that is 6' long. An INCREDIBLE sleep later and I was up at 7:30am and off to Baker to get some training runs in with my little guy who was shooting for the gold duct tape this year. We had a specific board that he (and I) had meticulasly prepared for weeks before. Daron Rahlves gave me some specific instructions on what to do and I followed his advice to a T. Over a dozen non fluro waxes were applied to the bases before they even hit the snow. Then a good fast ass wax for race day and we were off. This all got thrown out the window though as Soccer Dad got all mental and shit and flipped the switch with stick choices in day two. So...whatever. Run what you bring right?
Baker was classic Baker for the Banked Slalom too. Sunny and warm for training on Thursday, cloudy on Friday for qualifiers, gail force winds on Saturday and then the sky's opened up showed one of the best courses ever for Sundays main events.
Once again Session / Full Sail sponsored Team C3 consisting of Wilmoth, Pelligrino, Pagosa Tony, Bye Bye Bybee, Gumby, Blue, Gorio, Chad, Joe, Milo and I. Missing were Kind Bro and Hor-Hey as they were attending Scottys funeral. R.I.P. Scotty. We made it our mission to get one of our asses on the podium to dedicate the weekend to his memory. Mike D was also missing, but that's another story. Fucker.
Finals day was a bit of a scare as Mid Master started the show off promptly at 9:30AM and defending champ Gorio had left his race deck in Glacier. So dude ran both runs on a borrowed board and binders and STILL pulled a 4th. On top of that, almost everyone of our group made the main event too. Lil Guy gave er on the first run and put it down in a corner. That came in and gave him a good head fucking but lil dude figured it out and layed down a run 6 seconds slower than his pops who weighs 130 lbs more, rides a deck 30 cm longer and has been snowboarding 20 year longer. Not cool.
Miles of smiles were produced thru out the four days and in the end, our crew brought home 4 duct tapes. Ben grabbed the mike from Gwen on stage and gave tribute to Mr. Goodale in a way that would of made him proud.
Congrats to Gags - silver, Blue - bronze, Ben - Bronze, Jacob - silver, Milo - silver and the WARBLES - dual GOLD.

Cody Warble and Milo got the FIRST runs down the course on Thursdays training day. Terje was third to roll down. Sup now?
Gorio, Gorio, Gorio...
Helmet time for me these days.Finals weather. Buttery.
Soccer moms, soccer mom'n it out.
Finals day, run 1. Milo.
Some serious AF shit here. You'll see this shot in Frequency next year.
Montgomery was STOKED. 3rd place in Pro Masters. Watching him win was better than winning myself. Well almost. Not really, but I'm pretty happy for him.
Blues belt buckle. He really wanted a Baker trucker hat instead. I might just trade him for it.
Dream team of the Warbles. Dad smoked me and Cody beat Milo. On top of that, he stole my job at Oakley 15 years ago. God damn it. Congrats dudes.

When I figure out I-Movie or Final Cut or whatever the fucks on this new Mac super book of mine, I'll roll out a vid.



  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    awesome, glad you guys threw down, and glad to here its helmet time, your next ncp and all you dads out there. We want your asses around

  2. Dave T.8:38 AM

    Solid work boys!!

  3. helmet's just because gromtime called you on making him wear one, right?

  4. Anonymous7:34 AM

    obviously A man, has no kids, or he thinks its ok to be a hypocrit.
    hellmuts are warm and they save lives,Its a smart move

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    i put a 'gay maker' on after i got 'the news'-that and years of wife/parent/friends' pressure.

    it's weird, kind of awkward but fuck it-with a kid, it's the right thing to do (for me, and them).

  6. every weekend i was a planned to go to any trip but not done due to my working so enjoy dear enjoy its your life

  7. every weekend i was a planned to go to any trip but not done due to my working so enjoy dear enjoy its your life