Friday, January 28, 2011

Transworld Riders Poll

My faith in snowboarders was renewed last night at Transworld Riders Poll. Instead of a bunch of dumb jocks getting on stages slurring the words "me and I" in their acceptance speeches, you had people thanking their parents, filmers, sponsors, and people that helped them get to where they are at. The rowdiness was still there, but FINALLY the Tomato hair flip-a-thon speeches about how HE out radded everyone to win the award was non existent. To say that the Union, CAPiTA and Coal kids owned the show, would be an understatement. 6 different awards our dudes and gals were up for and 3 of them got the trophy's.

Front row style
Travis Rice and GT did the MC'n and it was hysterical. Very NON X-GAYMESish.
Mr. Zima came out for the festivities.
Blue was a proud papa last night. His kids did good. Congrats John.
Rider of the Year nominee, Mr. Brisse with Petit from the Youth Shelter and his wife Mellissa. Congrats Dan.
Mikey Leblanc won Most Outstanding Moment award over Torstien and Danny Davis. Fuck yea Mike. He was suppossed to thank Fuck Face Tony on stage though...
Woman of the evening, Jess Kimura HANDLED shit last night. "Last year I was behind the fence with all you motherfuckers. This year I'm on stage with a double ended dildo around my neck! Here's to the UNDERDOGS!"
Phil Jacques was up for Rookie of the Year. Phil is on top of his game right now.
Big C
Joel and TJ
The Downings and 5 time World Extreme Champ.
Jeff with a potential trophy. Lots of claiming going on here, he better bring me the picture to back it all up.
At midnight, I turn into a pumkin. Wasn't far off here.
Every night when I get out of the elevator to go to bed, I stop off here and take a leak in the garbage can. Booze makes you make strange decisions. The things a quarter full right now.


  1. potential trophy1:06 PM

    too bad all his claiming failed miserably, huh?

  2. Claiming got him in Egypt, floating down the river of de-Nile.

  3. ham-sally'd poasting piss'd-runk, hor'hung.