Friday, January 14, 2011


That would be me today after the last 4 days. This ole man is torn the fuck up. Why? Zumiez 100k Monday and Tuesday, then a quick flight to Atlantic City for a 20 hour stint at a rep show. Pictures can't do the pain my bodys in justice but it's bettter than me rambling. Enjoy.

Chris Beresford, Blue, Stevens and I lapping the hell out of Keystone. Apparently pro-shreds don't cruise the hill top to bottom these days, as filming always consumes their time. So the boys were having A LOT of fun.
Zumiez 100K stage. Electric.
My partner for the evening. Sully from Rome. "Hey you like whiskey? Let me get you one."
Who is real out of place with the kid's, thats why we hung so hard.
Chris Tagge from Casual on the other hand is a former Zumiez kid (if you couldn't tell by his uni) and is pretty comfortable with this kid.
Casual FAN...I mean Casual Dan.
Ugly brothers.
Sesh Dog and Panda
Meaty Lynn. Dudes benching 300. Seriously.
Same story, different location. Atlantic Shitty. POOL PARTY. Vodka party yo!
A Jersey evening with a Jersey kid? Bad combo.
Thank GOD I'm slowly transforming from Johan back to John. Look forward to being normal for a week or so, then SIA.


  1. vokka pahty son!

  2. also epic mike sully shots..

  3. I just noticed that I had the same uni on all week. Awesome.

  4. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I don't get why its cool to show up at a zumiez party?
    Please explain

  5. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Yo anonymous... Kids that back the culture and the industry... Zumiez has been around since 1978 so what if they are in a mall, show me other shops that give back to 1400 employees like this.

    Why does it matter where they work?

  6. Anonymous9:40 AM

    lots of shops do, they just have 4 employees.
    And its more like zumiez rapes the culture, I wouldn't call it backing it. I guess its about the almighty dollar for everyone there. They are hoping to get big orders from zumiez. I mean who really goes to the mall to buy a snowboard? Can you actually get good help in one? WHy is it that when you go in there they are wearing the merch with the tags still on it? Are we supposed to buy used clothes?
    That is weak

  7. I've never learned how to pronounce Zumiez.

  8. Zoom ease.

    Rapes culture? Come on. You know how many fucking events they throw money at and support when not one of the people there would ever buy at their stores?

    If a specialty store is loosing snowboard sales to Zumiez then they better check themselfs.

  9. Anonymous5:04 PM

    You know it's true
    Not blaming you for taking the orders, but I'm just saying.
    Without the support of core brands there is no zoom ease

  10. If you dont like Zoo Meaze, dont shop at Zoo Meaze. Simple. Rapes culture. HAHAHAHAHAHA.