Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Past Blue Ribbon

You seen it here first, but as Ky-Borg says "NFS."


  1. Nate Esky4:23 PM

    Joe will be STOKED on those!

  2. i NEED those for our shop dude and king of stoke ryan. he is married to PBR. we need to work this out. i will send you fresh king salmon and crab, and halibut if we can get a pair, on top of buying them like normal people.

  3. Holy Fucking Shit...

    My gf's dad bleeds PBR. Literally. Would be perfect on his PBR snowboard.

    I'm farming out my fucking kidneys this summer.

  4. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Those can't be Unions. Union would never partner with suched a played out brand.

    PBR is shit beer. Really at the end of the day it is shitty tasting beer that is contracted brewed.

    Remeber Silence Snowboards? Yeah kinda like that.

  5. tell Gballz that he cant ingest this binding, his doctor told him to have a low-zytel diet moving forward.

  6. they look like Rome binders