Thursday, January 06, 2011

Holiday Break 2010

Been a while since my witty fingers have done any sort of hen pecking on a key board. So a belated Happy New Year. Family and I did 12 days at the cabin over break, rode 11 of em and still feel some what healthy too. Got to ride pow, blue sky and below zero weather. Wiener snowboarded all of em, almost put down a back 3 a few times while Milo got mini bike back 5's on lock and guinnie pigged all the new jumps for Dad. We had to put down our first child of 17 years, Mr. Wee. That was a tough one. And then slided in on the New Year with turns down Tunnel Creek (if you know, then you know, if not, it's fucking sick). Anyway...seeing how once again I missed the Hometown Throwdown, you got some Bosstones music to go along with a collection of clips from the break. Enjoy.

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