Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Weak in Tweak

It's been a busy week since getting home from Euroland. Actually, my body is JUST getting back to it's normal sleep schedule. No more waking up at 4am to start the day for this kid. 8am baby! I'm back!
Here's a little photo essay of the a pretty fucking rad work week. No thanks Santa, I don't need nothing, just more work weeks like this...

A week ago. Piss Point hike. Homeboy got a little cliffed out, then decided to send it to flat.
As I'm driving into the shitty from Sky on Monday morning, the river was about to Crest. Red alert time.
Came into the office with a present from the Intra-Webs best gossip and reblogging site recognizing this shit show of words.

Then picked up some people from a small online site and did some business on 14"+ of new.
Came back to the city and picked up Mid West dude and another small account, and headed back up to the mountain office.

Where Emmett prepared a $160 chicken??? Dude likes to cook.

Came back on Friday to a C3 Christmas party at the Alibi Room.

Then moved it over to the ShowBox for the CAPiTA 10 Year party.

Things got a little grey here for me. Thank God for the photo booth to see some of the people that showed up.

Apparently Milo and Peter Line are now friends.

And the Wiener is being used like a puppy by Scott Stevens to pull in the foxes.

...And Brad. Well, let's say that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Then to end it, get a screen shot from Bern bro with Milo making thier catalog.

Good week. Can't wait for Wednesday when it's back to the hills for a dozen days of vaca! Happy Kwanza!

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