Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Up for grabs. 420 bro.

Limited Edition - Charlie Schlosser

TB3, you seen it? Todd Schlosser is one of the dudes that PUT the NW on the map. Todd and Blue are good buds and since Todd retired from the pro game, Blue's been taking care of his bro. Retired or not, Todd is still out there mauling shit. Kinda Todd Richards style. Well a year ago Blue gave Todd a Charlie Slasher, and it changed his life. So he says. It's he only thing he rips on. Holy Oly quarter pipe? On a Charlie. Park booters? Charles. Backcountry pow pow. C'mon. So being the guy that he is, Blue took shit to the next level and got a little something something made for the hometown ripper. A Charlie Schlosser. Todd got 1 for the wall, and two to destroy, while we got 9 of them for dudes that want something a little different than the average Charlie. On top of that, Todd numbered and signed em.


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I want one,

  2. I loved Todd's Gnu deck with the mushrooms. That was one of my all time favorite graphics. This one is wicked cool.Nice Blue.