Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sales Meeting Hi-lowlights

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, freshly here after plane delays and airport closures. Look at all them board bags too. The shuttle driver told us NO area's were gonna be open for the next two weeks. Hmmm, and I got 3 days in so far? Going thru the tunnel today to hit Italian POW too? Fuck, NO ONE here knows anything on that tip. Bus drivers, taxi's, hotels...locals. Cham-Clueless. But in a good way.
More view
Toshi and Party Marty, real similar train wrecks except Marty is 11 months sober. Toshi was in contention for MVP of the trip. Nice work Tosh. Nakadachi!
Joe-Han, Custom Produce's lead dog.
Presentation time, Blue was Getting Huge!
Milo made the big screen again.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Shits the same.
Russian distributer Maxx usually brings a hot blond mail order bride for us to perv on. This year we got vodka.
Room mate. Close quarter sleeping. No homo.
NCP sails
Alex Auchu
Saw Sage
Courmayeur Italy on my last day. Blue, Brad and I got a little misto over there. A 20 min ride thru one of the worlds longest tunnels, which cost $50 euro to drive thru too, and we were there. They had a meter of new snow the day before. We got it this day too. Blue getting wicked below me. Go Pro shot ta boot.
Flour City and Hero
Self explanitory
Glen Plake
Brad fanning out on one of the greatest skiers to ever walk the earth.

That's it, over. Two thumbs up for Cham- wow. St. Anton next year???


  1. all-day cured meats and swoopers under empty chairlifts: good shit!

    bonus for buttdragging that big Alps tunnel: that's on my to-do list.

  2. Courmayeur is rad, I have bowled at that alley in the pic too. Rode Courmayeur, Cervina and Zermatt while I was there.

  3. Wished we would of been in Courmayeur instead of Cham. Cham is killer and all, ton of load ass brits though. And with load ass Americans well, it would of nice to have been the leader of the loud pack. Plus Italys food murders Frances. Next year.