Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Amster SCAM

Stuck, actually FUCKING stuck. Left the house in Seattle at 10AM for a 1PM flight to Amsterdam, then off to Geneva. Getting in a shuttle and boom...Chamonix. Shits firing there too. Arrive in Amsterdam at 7am, get the customary 2 Heinys and a donut, then...wait. For 10 fucking hours. Got on a train and went into the city center only to get back on and try to finagle some more flights. Finally ended up at a hotel at 6pm, crashed for a hot minute then been up ever since. Got a wake up call coming in 3 hours to try to get back to Geneva again. 36 hours awake and counting...

Customary first thing to do in Amsterdam. Heiny and a donut.
Train to pain
Back to beers
Fur coat, $2g boots, good kit...old dude. Europe.
Out cold
And this is the photo I get from opening day at Stevens. Great.


  1. Yep it was a PARTY Slasher kind of day...

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Should have done Madrid

  3. amsterdam just made all the weed coffeeshops private clubs, tourists excluded.

    it was an omen and you let your country down: you were supposed to go into town and get hella weeded! Thanks a lot, traitor.