Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pollack Bronco 2

So after a hard worked weekend doing shit at the cabin, kids and I drive out of there Monday morning at 8am to roll into Seattle so I can go to work. 30min into the drive, I realize my computer is still at the cabin. A hour and 15 minute commute instantly turns into a 3 hour commute. Great way to start the weak.
Then end up working late last night as we got a Sales Meeting next week in Chamonix. So eye got shits to finish and phones ringing off the hook with questions from first year shops asking to shut down existing stores down the road because their not core enough are eating up my day. Oh and these "core" shops that are doing the complaining sell kites and snowbikes??? WTF? Anyway, roll out of C3 late, to a iced over parking lot full of snow and start the ole Donkey 2. Get it all hot and shit for that 4 mile drive home. Go out to scrape the windows and what do I hear? CLICK. Yep, locked the fuck out, car running, 10PM, and roads all over Seattle are shut down due to the snow. "Uh yea hon? Uh, oh your in bed, and the kids are in bed too? Uh well would you drive down and bring the spare key so I can get in the vehicle and come home to eat some dinner? Thanks."


  1. Downtown Seattle went full retard lastnight.....

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM