Tuesday, October 19, 2010

R.I.P. Blanche Malkoski

Looked at my phone on the way from work to the "Party Sharks" first basketball practice yesterday and saw a couple in coming calls from Pops so dialed him up. "What's up?" "Nana died yesterday." WHAT?
Ole Blanche was 91, still living at home, by her self, driving, cleaning, cooking, living her life every day and making sure she caught every episode of Judge Judy. My Mom said that the neighbors saw her that day outside trimming the hedges, then after a couple of non returned calls the authority's found her down in the hallway with her sunnies on.
The last few summers of us going home she always said that she lived a good life and it was time to move on. She definitely wanted to go out like this too, quick, easy and on her own terms. I picture her looking up in the air like Fred Sanford always did and saying "John, I'm coming to see you."
Blanche was one hell of a Nana. Opinionated, strong, set in her ways and very loving. My two little ones stood at attention around her like they never do. There was this air of respect that neither of them knew they were showing around her, but they always did.
My Mom always printed out the "articles" from the Tackledbox she deemed appropriate for Blanche to read. And Nana kept a scrap book of all of them. It was a good way for her to keep up with her only Grandson, Grand Daughter and Great Grandkids doings. She'd show me and say "here read them." Uh no thanks, I wrote them Blanche. Anyway, I hope Mom prints this one out and puts it in there as her last entry.
I'm gonna miss you Nana. She was one Old Person I really enjoyed hanging out with. Thank you for all of the life lessons you shared with me. I love you. J.P.


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. RIP Blanche

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Very sorry to hear of Blanche's passing. She sounds like she was a hardy character with a big heart. I am glad the boys got to spend time with here this summer.


  3. They don't make em like Super Nana anymore. But they should. Sorry, Bud.

  4. bad63lac7:26 AM

    Sorry to hear Johan.

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    great words johan. she sounded like a great woman.
    -chris w.

  6. Condolences. Good to see that the little dudes have so much fam support too. Stay up!

    ps- I thought I was the only one to print out all the tackledbox posts.

  7. My condolences Malkoski family.
    Sweet tribute, Johan.

  8. My thoughts and energy are with you and yours. The world will darken with her passing.

  9. sorry about your gramma yo...
    that said, that's the way i wanna go out...

  10. RIP Blanche. Sorry for the loss J.