Monday, May 04, 2009

Return of the UltraFlair

I clearly have no business clowning UltraFlair as my 50/50's are no match to his rail skillz but after re-encountering him this weekend at the Kinko De Mayo and chuckling my ass off on the sidelines I had to post a mini vid. I'll admit that the kids got the heart to shred, it's too bad he's got no-one slapping him upside the head telling him to let his riding speak for him instead of the 6 bandana's. Enjoy Ultra...have a good summer.


  1. Great stuff. I love this kid already. He can't be for real. Maybe you should be the one to slap some sense upside his skullcandies? Kids these days need guidance or else they start wearing bandanas, tight pants, and phenix jackets. I see "C-3 Super Corp Warehouse Monkey" in his future.

  2. I'm putting U.F. on my team next year. Pretty funny hearing Milo yell out behind him "hey Dad, CHECK IT OUT, UltraFlairs here!"

  3. I am The Bus Stop Guy with the shred skills of U.F.

    it's crazy, really... on so many levels.

    ps boycott snoqualmie

  4. Next level flair man. Kid is on point.