Monday, April 20, 2009

Season Ender C3 Oh-Limp-Picks

Last Friday we shut things down around work for the C3 Oh-Limp-Picks. Which went a little something like this:

"Time to put the man suit on cause it’s back, the “C3 Oh-Limp-Picks” held at the Top Phlite Snowboard Park at Stevens Pass, THIS FRIDAY. Two runs of glory thru the famed Top Phlite Park showing your skillz that pay the bills in a quest for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be voted on by a panel of your work peers. Prizes such as a case of Red Bull, Sug Dollz and Capita Food Court Gangsta hats are all up for grabs for the top tweekerz.
Former Professional Sno-Borederz and present day designers, Brad Shuffle and Blue Montgomery are taking on all comers for the titles that they respectively hold. Brad being the Gold Medalist, with Blue being runner up and taking Silver during the last Oh-Limp-Picks held 4 years ago at Snoqualmie Pass. It was a fight to the death with Brad pulling out a wicked Suzy Q helicopter over the tabletop that took top honors.
The truth of the matter is that Stevens is shutting down and this Friday we would like to have a company shred and bbq day there. RSVP letting me know who is down for some “Agony of Defeat and Thrill of Victory” so ample food and sauce arrangements can be made. Anyone needing a pass for the day also let me know. Car pool plans and meeting spot plans will be emailed out tomorrow."

The cast and crew from COAL came out in a force of 4, along with the 3 art guys in the warehouse, George from Union and Blue from Capita. Special guest Jonas the Bonus Carlson dropped in for some sessioning too which put our head count at a dozen.

In the end, B-Rad emerged from cigarette smoking Euro Brad to take the gold medal once again with some wicked smooth ass bs 5 indys pokes over waterfall, while Joe Florence from Coal grab the MVP award for straight up killing shit.

Gold Scheuffele

MVP Joe (party foul for grabbing Euro, but Jonas was there)

Agony of Dee Feat Montgomery
Euro spin on a boot board


  1. Dr. A1:57 PM

    got dem krailz on vid! Sicc.

  2. jonas is off capita.. ?

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    ya kyle! way to boost that hip. grabbin sky

  4. DC gave him the offer of a lifetime.

  5. Hell yeah boys. Good shit.