Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Over Chonder

Holy travelling this one was. TJ was up and at em at 4AM to meet me at the house from Vancouver so we could roll to the airport for a 9AM flight to DC, which was a 5 hour flight in itself. Then into the Chrysler 300 (balling by the way) for a 5 hour drive into the hills of West Virginia to Snowshoe Mountain. There was the last on snow demo going on and our man in the field, Raymond Lamar Bradley the 3rd or Brad Bradley for short wanted me to bring some banger backup. So Mr. Schneider was invited and jumped on the opportunity. TJ is one hell of a travelling mate as he looks forward to the journey as much as the destination. Once we got there he was in go mode though. Like strap your snowboard on, and just start mauling shit. None of this ride by and check things out to see how they are crap, just scan the situation real quick, assesses the deal and lay down law. Homey filmed a Snowboard Realms episode there too. Actually, I did a lot of the filming and he did the shredding but if he had his way, he would have just been filming me, cause Ryan Thompson told him that he would pay me $5 for every half rotation that TJ got on film. RT you disrespectful prick you. Anyway my only request for Brad Bradley was to have some moonshine for my ass to try and sure enough, this dude Ron from the hill of W.V. brought a jar of the finest corn alcohol around. “Mahn, I’ll tell you what, I before I be fixing to mosey over chonder to see the old lady, I usually have 3 or 4 of these to take the edge off.” Really Ron? One of them things got me seeing stars as it was. The Realms episode will be out in a week or so, but fuck it, I made my own Realmz. Enjoy.

Empty Home
Brad sippin on some shine.


  1. damn. I've done 5 demos this year so far, and 2 more next week.... and none of them so far looked as rad as this one. moonshine, TJ,a fun slushy park, and titties... fucking bad ass. go BRAD ! ! !

    hell yeah !

  2. nice job yo. i'm sure you made some life long capita dealers super stoked. bet there wasn't any bro's from socal or burlington spreading the stoke like you tj and the c3 family. touche johan.well done. see you sunday man.

  3. Bro's from so-cal wouldn't be caught dead there. Not enough flair. But you know as well as anyone, the journey is as fun as the destination and this 10 hour trip there was fucking all time. The peeps there are a blast. I did it last year, this year and will for sure be back next year. Highlight of the trip was riding the "outback" with this dude Gil, who's kit included jeans, rollerblade kneepads, helmet, sunnys, Gnu park pickle with reclining highbacks and a 17" stance set 15 / +12. And he ripped! Pure awesome.

  4. izzat chilidogs or nachos or what?