Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baldface Day 2

Kind Bro, Puke-anegro and Charles.
Group shot with the guides.
You can't believe how much more product these stickers will move at retail.
Apres Pukeagrino.
Hmmm, let's see I ponied up a couple of G to be on a cat trip. Maybe I shouldn't be sitting at the bar till 3AM.

Gags pow slash.
Micha in the white room.Kind Bro.


  1. haha love the puking shot Johan! Awesome pow shot of Gags!

  2. Benny is my hero.

  3. "First Cat Last Call" Benny?

  4. Nothing good happens after midnight...especially surrounded by dudes.

  5. ...in a cabin in the woods...

  6. glad to see Benny step into my shoes from my last time at Baldface - did he get on the bar and sing "crazy train"? Oh yea and I drove to baldface with Kevin Extreme in his fucking brand new Sue-bro-ru STI at the time, so imagine all those hours in a f'in rally car with Kev at the wheel wanting to race every car with a loud muffler.

  7. what a freaking day!

    hellls yeah