Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Da EX-Gaymez rant!

DUDE and I mean DUDE, how eXtreme do you feel after X Gaymes 14? I haven’t slept since Thursday cause of all the Red Balls, Monsta and Rawkstar energy drinks that I’ve been pounding while watching the heart stomping excitement of Moto X speed and style. You know the race that ESPN made up to pit two freestylers against one another and race AND flip. So rad. The one that kept me glued to the tube was Moto X – Step Up. Thank fucking God that the Ohlimpdicks are in 3 days cause I didn’t get my fill of people hurling themselves over a bar and in three days I’ll be able to quench my thirst for over the bar action with pole vault and high jump. Enough of this Moto X heckling because there’s nothing like the X-Gaymes being a voice and platform for extreme motor sports. Like Motocross and Rally racing don’t have their own platform? What about “yea, rally in off road ain’t extreme enough, lets get dudes from other extreme sports and throw them in the Subie and have them “rally” around the stadium, cause racing on mountain roads isn’t rad enough. What the hell ESPN? I could go on and on how disappointed I am in the Gaymes because of all the motor assisted bullshit but then again at least they added the Super park shit. Tony was mobbing hard. Omar Hassan was powerful as all hell too. Shit, Andy Mac even had this BMX like transfer that made you kinda want to like the dude even though he was probably pogo sticking around in the parking lot before hand to warm up. Mega ramp was rad, but I don’t want to see the Athlete of the Games go from 20 feet to his shins a thousand times. Maybe I’m being a little hard on the games, but seriously enough with the motor sports, they have their own, LEGIT shit going on. Don’t gay it out with a gold medal. Maybe they should just bring back the skysurfing or street luge if they want the queer element in them. Cause when I think of my X-Games hero…that Biker dude comes to mind.

Picture: Ben Pelinegro was lucky enough to get Xtreme at the games. Yea, I'm jealous.



  2. who took this shot. where is it from?? was it from the x games? cause if so maybe they know where i lost my backpack i have on in the pic!!!

  3. Drunk. Look here: http://bp2.blogger.com/_M4ed-14ym7E/R73bo5o0ScI/AAAAAAAAAZM/7TqRXtFNnb0/s1600-h/coolmodivatepg0.jpg