Friday, May 02, 2008

A walk down memory lane with a few unexpected friends

We were cleaning out our storage basement here at work and I came upon two of my boxes that I had stored randumb shit in. Going thru the crap I found 5 old magazines that I had saved. A 1990 Transworld, two Blunt Magazines from 97 and 98, a random year Plow with the raddest back cover ever and a 1995 Salt Lake local zine called Medium. By the way, if anyone owns the Blunt with Ingmar on the "Holy Shit" cover doing the huge backside air, I want it. Hit me up.

Why I had kept these 5 magazines for 13 plus years is a mystery until I opened up the Medium and saw the man that sits next to me at work had a two page spread. Stoked I walked back to the other Salt Lake former pro in the office and tried to give Blue props for his sick ass method way back in 95.

“Dude, look at the cover!” Brad responded back to my stokism for Blue. Sure enough it was Mr. Schueffel as cover boy.

The deeper I went in the mag the more gems were found. Like 19 year old Jeremy Jones that lists none other than Brad as his number 1 poster on his bedroom wall.

Or a New Zealand section in the mag featuring yet again Brad but also ole Mr. Kris Swiez.

No action of Swiez except of him shoving a meat stick down his throat. Some things haven’t changed.

Blue gets a rail shot.

And the team Manager for Nitro, Tonino gets the inside back cover with an ad for Shift Snowboards.

Last but not least is the raddest base graphic ever! Todd may have his Awesome, Rome has their Hustlin but I LOVE Pro Ho’s is a tough one to beat from Fester Snowboards.

Sunday is closing weekend here in WA, with the Summit keeping open their park for one more session. Hopefully Milo’s got one more film session in him.


  1. fuck hypebeast.

    check this out.

  2. haha someone should bring back the I love pro ho's base or bring out I love gapers.

  3. Josh King is still a park builder/groomer at Meadows...livin the dream

  4. ghandi7:24 PM

    go josh