Friday, May 23, 2008


This place is savage. The city of Seattle decided to put in a sick ass skate park right next the man sized six pack rhythm section BMX jumps we’ve been going to for years. They cleared out some space between one of the many softball fields and built a 1.2million (est.) skate park. The place officially opens on June 7 but for the last 6 weeks or so, everyday after the workers leave there’s been sessions going down. Seeing how it’s right next to the BMX jumps, this place is super BMX friendly, unlike most other spots. Shit this place is even scooter friendly. Two monster pools, one with steel coping, another with concrete coping. One of the bowls has a huge ass cradle too. Last night I limped my ass down with the two little men in my life. Scooter, skate and bikes in hand. Ran into Eric Brandt and Kurt Jenson, who was hanging on for dear life but killing this hip in the big pool. The big man was a pure powerhouse, skating w/o a helmet or pads and going for it. Anyway some old ass parks and rec dude rolls up, picks me out of the crowd, as I was clearly the oldest there and chimes in with “hey mister, you work here?” “What? No!” Dude goes on with this condescending tone of “why are people in this place, it’s not open? They might hurt the place. You know people have graffiti‘d a wall?” After some mellow and frank conversation with Mr. Parks’s guy it was conveyed that:

a. taxpayers money paid for the park, not his.

b. these people are so stoked about the place and no fence will keep them out

c. they were the biggest protectors of the place since they are in before it’s open and if they saw some douche tagging it they would kill them.

In the end, old park guy left fully stoked on the kids, spraying about how the parks dept. was going to build the park twice as big, blab la bla. Whatever, just glad that I was sitting there hurt with nothing better to do than argue with an old guard and finally win one for the team.

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