Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dual Sport

Saturday was supposed to be opening day at the BMX track for us but the rain kept the bikes off the track. Shocker we live in Seattle. Sunday opened up to an amazing day of sunshine. Up and at em, we got rolling to the Summit for closing weekend. They keep running the place as the crowds keep coming. Actually they were turning peeps away from the parking lot over at Alpental because to many hippies were getting some double x extreme action over there. Anyway 45 degree’s and sunny as all hell when we got to Summit Central at 10AM. The park was in killer shape and the snow was soft like spring snow should be. We’ve seen like two days of these conditions all season so this was a treat. After two weeks off the snow, it was instantly on as these conditions encourage mellow hucking. Speaking of hucking, there were some all stars lurking at Summit Central. Actually the whole TWS crew that filming for their video was up there. We ran into Jonas Carlson in lift line. Milo’s pretty stoked on snowboard pro’s these days, so after I introduced him and Mac to Jonas, I told him that he rode for us and was in the DC 1.5 movie. He was like “really? That’s Lauri?” “No Milo, its Jonas.” “Oh, it’s not Ikka?” “No Milo, its Jonas, the bonus. Watch him shred and learn something.” We rode up the chair with him and after he dropped a dozen or so F-Bombs in front of the boys, we had a little method contest off this pinner hip. I went first, thought I got some, landed then turned around and saw this meatball sailing at least 15’ over my head and landing on the other side of the hip. That signaled our time to leave.

We had a BMX race that day. Grabbed a couple of hot dogs, smoothie and hauled ass to SeaTac BMX for our second sport of the day. 50 miles later we got to the new track and got our new race costumes on. We actually looked like we know what were doing by the looks of our kits. 3 gate starts for me and I was screaming like a little pussy. Seems I hit the first jump to fast for my liking, got sideways in the air and put my right foot down to keep from falling. Hyper extended knee on impact, repeating those 12 F-Bombs that Jonas taught the boys and my day was over. Milo went on to destroy the 7 intermediate class and 5 year old Mac took second in the 6 novice class.


  1. where's the method contest????

  2. Sunday was all time up at the Scummit! Bummer about your knee though...

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.