Monday, April 21, 2008


I guess that’s what poor planning is called. Last year at this time we were getting busy in Haines AK having the runs of our lives. Shit, I had THE day of my life on the last day of the season. Well in trying to duplicate the unduplicatable a half assed plan was set in motion. Brad, Ben, Mike D, Chappy and I would all return to Haines this year. The date, when ever the weather report had a 3 day break where the sun was shining guaranteeing that the bird would be in the air. Well, with no definitive date set or deposits given to Sean Dog and the crew the plan fell apart piece by piece. First off, Ben spent all his money this year snowboarding and not working. Second, Chappy jumped in his truck, sleds and all and made the drive from Tahoe to Haines. He WAS the look out for weather. Then the reports started coming in. Two weeks of down time, 15 film crews fighting it out on one bird. Slides everywhere. This that and everyday life interfering with the journey north. Well, next year it will be different. Deposits will be made, time allotted and a crew committed. In the meantime I’m living thru Chappy and Forests random posts about getting it. And getting it they are. Cheers boys.

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