Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Salulita Life

Let me just say this...I fucking hate weddings. There worthless, a waste of money, no one ever enjoys them, just a colossal waste of peoples money. With that being said, I ventured to Mex to witness two good friends fake a wedding (they will be legally hitched on return to the mainland) and had the time of my life. No agenda, no kids, no nothing...just go with the flow. My only goal was to come back to WA whiter than when I left. Thank you wife for the gift of staying home with the rats while my SPF45 deflected the rays. Here's a photo journal of 5 days in Southern Canada while attending TBWE (the best wedding eva). Congrats Jew Lee and Tonto.

The Salulita shit pool. This is where all the towns poo poo hangs out before going into the bay.

Johnny and I "found" a $100 bill. Then drank the value in Tequila in the next hour. Come to find out it was one of the youngsters in the wedding party's, but he was too scared to tell us it was his. Apparently we were really stoked to find it.

The break. No rules, none of this locals only bullshit. Go out and get it done was more of the motto.

I woke up the day after the "$100" tequila hour and found this in my pocket. It smelt like tobacco, but was a paste. For three days we thought someone slipped a pack of heroine or hash in my pocket. Until someone told us it was a Mexican chilli candy. That's why they call it dope right?

Speedy even made it to Mexico!

Wedding party.

Mexican Pennywise played.

T-Bone has a new business. Temporary wedding tattooing. It was all the rage.

Shirts off dance off.

The Wa Brah sticker in Mex?


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Looks like some chick slipped her money clip slash woman wallet in with the hash

  2. goddamn. look at your eyes in that picture with the 100 dollar bill. WASTED!!!!